The 2010 Real Estate Social Media Census

Presented by Dalton/Hundley

September 4, 2015

The Dalton/Hundley Real Estate Social Media Census


RISMedia & 1parkplace welcome you to...
The Dalton/Hundley Real Estate Social Media Census

RISMedia and 1parkplace, Inc. are so excited to have you join us for this very special study. Our goal is to reveal the most thought-provoking and forensic study on how Social Media has impacted the real estate industry.

This study is being conducted by two of the most passionate and experienced experts in the field of real estate.

Allan Dalton, Co-Founder and President of RISMedia's Top 5 in Real Estate Network®, was CEO of as well as president and co-owner of a 32-office real estate brokerage for over 20 years. The progenitor and author of numerous national and international real estate marketing systems and media works, Dalton has conducted numerous Social Media-related workshops and focus groups throughout North America over the past several years. Dalton's contribution to the industry has been recognized and honored by NAR, which named him one of the industry's 25 most influential thought leaders, and by Inman News as one of the "100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders" for 2009.

Steve Hundley, CEO and founder of 1parkplace, Inc., is renowned within the real estate industry as a leading innovator of real estate-based marketing and Social Media solutions. His industry-revered content management platforms are responsible for helping thousands of REALTORS to close billions in real estate transactions every year by more effectively servicing the informational/Social Media needs and interests of their REALTOR clients and consumers.

For your participation, we will furnish you with a FREE copy of the full Census report and all report findings as a result of the Census. This is a $495 value.

Thank you again and have fun :-)


RISMedia & 1parkplace, Inc.
Posted on February 17, 2010 14:23:32 by Dalton/Hundley Real Estate Social Media Census
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  February 17, 2010 14:23:32

The Dalton/Hundley Real Estate Social Media Census


Comment from: Gregg Neuman [Visitor] Email ·

This is great work you guys!

I feel that someone is finally listening to the real workers in this industry instead of just the techies. No offence for the tech people,

I just have a hard time believing someone who never sold a home telling me how to run my business in regards to social media.

Your strategy to include the industry and get REAL information instead of made up hype is exceptional.

I look forward to my report!


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